ADDISON - Skirt Billy OLIVE 56cm **LAST ONE - SIZE 6**

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Addison Collection Summer 19

Billy Skirt 56cm LONG

The Billie skirt is a khaki skirt with white stripes, it has a thick waistband, pockets and a scoop hem.

The skirt is made from a thick cotton spandex which means it is incredibly comfortable! The thick waistband means it can be worn below a bump during pregnancy and afterwards with comfort.

Sizing is standard so I would purchase your normal size unless you have bigger hips or want to wear it during pregnancy, then I would size up.

+ The skirt comes in 2 lengths. 
+ The shorter length skirt is approx 46cm. 
+ The longer length skirt is approx 56cm.
+ The tie on the skirt is khaki.

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