About whitegold.

About whitegold.
Here at whitegold. we love to celebrate artists & brands that are NZ built who all have a unique story that filters through their design choices & product style.

But with the small & quirky brands we support in store & online, there are the  generic few that nobody can resist which are also a huge feature here at whitegold. These internationally recognised brands have all started small & now are iconic in the homeware & design industry, anything is possible!


About Kate.

Hi! I am Kate Clark the owner & creator of whitegold. the hunter-gathera, that is me on the right with my supa-gorgeous family!!
Whitegold. came about after growing tired of shopping online. I missed the experience of real excitement and pleasure when shopping physically!
Instead of paying off debt, my husband Grant & I decided to invest & to take a risk in the world of retail in our home town of Whakatane.

November 22nd 2014 whitegold. opened it's doors to the community & received such a positive response, all feedback was that I must expand the business!
Exactly six months later 22 April 2015, I launched the online store whitegold. to spread the collection of carefully selected fashion and homewares to the rest of Nz! For the time being anyway...

Now almost 3years on and whitegold. is constantly growing thanks to the ongoing support from the town and visitors who choose to shop local & enjoy the experience and service in store. I love my job & thrive to give the best possible advice when you make your purchase!
The creatives I work with, within the industry are such an inspiration and it is an absolute pleasure to share all they have to offer in store at whitegold.

Enjoy the whitegold. online experience, and please come and visit the physical store!!
It is honestly worth the drive - especially with NZ best voted beach over the hill in OHOPE!!
Our team are only a phone call away if you require further assistance with your purchase.
Feedback is most welcome too! email hello@whitegoldnz.co.nz


+64 7 3087778
110 The Strand Whakatane

Mon-Friday 9:30am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm