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BABY - PRETTY BRAVE Rounabout Clutch - Deluxe


The designer change clutch for mums and dads who are out 'n about.


+ Opens to a 62cm diameter, padded change mat 
+ Detachable mesh pouch with pockets, 
(Designed to hold 1-2 nappies and a standard wipes case) 
+ Unclip the pouch and The Roundabout becomes a playmat! 
+ Handy external zip pocket 
+ Folded clutch size is 16cm x 28cm 
+ Simply use a damp cloth to wipe clean 
+ Baby friendly - independently tested to be safe from Formaldehyde, Lead, PVC, Phthalates and BPAs
+ Made from Organic Cotton 

Product may vary slightly from image

+ Designed In NZ

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