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Drinking out of glass is better for you and the wonderful world we live in!!
The LOTUS bottles also look & feel AMAZING!!! Nice wide opening to drink from too - I have mine & noticing I am already increasing my water intake!!!

Who would have thought drinking water would be an enjoyable experience?////!!
No chemicals & the bottles are made of BPA-free, phthalate-free, FDA approved materials.

LOTUS glass bottles with a silicon sleeve 
420ml, approximately 20cm tall, from the top of the lid to the base - approx. 6cm diameter
750ml, approximately 24cm tall, from the top of the lid to the base - approx. 7.5cm diameter

+ Borosilicate Glass
+ Silicone Sleeve 100% Recycleable 
+ Lid Made Of Food-Grade Recyclable Polypropylene
Everything Is Dishwasher Proof

The silicone sleeve protects the glass, insulates, is dishwasher safe and lovely to hold.

Note: Do NOT Freeze Or Microwave

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