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KIDZ - JAMIE KAY Cotton Modal Cardi - Fig


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Jamie Kay Cotton Essentials Cardigan

The most popular children's range from Jamie Kay created from a beautifully soft cotton fabric. This range is a slim fit.

50% Cotton
50% Modal

Shoulder - 0/3m 16.5cm, 3/6m 17.5cm, 6/12m 18.5cm, 1y 19.5cm, 2y 20.5cm, 3y 21.5cm, 4y 22.5cm, 5y 23.5cm
Length - 0/3m 24cm, 3/6m 27cm, 6/12m 30cm, 1y 33cm, 2y 36cm, 3y 39cm, 4y 42cm, 5y 45cm