TASTE - Crunchy Muesli Date, Walnut & Maple


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Tanker Topper - Crunchy Muesli!!!


Brekkie time? Who doesn’t love a crunchy breakfast muesli to top their favourite yoghurt, fresh fruit , porridge and milk to start the day? The whole family will be trying to get in to this! Unlike most of the other cereals on the market this muesli not only delivers on taste and texture but also on nutrition and functionality. It does more than just fill up your tummy.

With the addition of natural *Galactagogues; Australian oats, brewer’s yeast and flaxseed meal together with nutritious organic coconut oil, organic activated buckinis (buckwheat), currants, dates and walnuts this Crunchy Muesli is a true functional food.

We hope that they will not only help to fill up Mum and her tanks with more than just the essential vitamins, minerals and good fats for her milk production but also extra nourishing  phyto-nutrients to support her and her energy levels during this very demanding time.

Our Crunchy Muesli is also perfect for vegans’ too as it does not contain diary, eggs or honey. 

*‘Galactogugue’ is a Greek word for substances that promotes lactation. Galactagogues have been used for years by mothers around the world to enhance milk supply.


As believers of limiting dairy and refined flour in one’s diet for good health this Tanker Topper Crunchy Muesli ticks the boxes. It is also honey and egg free meaning vegans can enjoy it too.

+ Australian oats
+ Certified organic buckinis (Buckwheat)
+ Brewer’s yeast
+ Linseed meal
+ Organic Coconut oil
+ Walnuts
+ Dates

We recommend you eat 60gm of granola per day to help boost your supply!!


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