WEAR - FOXLEIGH Leather Black/Black


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Foxleigh Watches


Foxleigh started with the search. The search for a purpose, a story, a legacy. A bunch of surfers searching for the perfect wave to talk about for generations to come.

But not everyone understands, why would they, and how? Who cares if they don’t! That’s not why we seek, why we ride. We do it because we know. We know the feeling, the pull, the effortless moments that strung together, complete life.

Foxleigh seeks to capture the infinite moments of pleasure. Products that define who we are, living a life not understood by the normal.


Timepiece Particulars

STRAP                       Genuine Italian Leather
LENGTH                    Length 110mm / 70mm 
WIDTH                       Leather Width 20mm

MOVEMENT             Japanese Quartz Movement
CASE                        Stainless Steel Bezel & Case
RESISTANCE             Water Resistant 3ATM 
SIZE                           42mm diameter

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